Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fitting the Pieces Together

Looking back at the beginning of this course I thought that I had to fit into a specific mold of how I learn. Now, I am able to say that there is not one particular learning style that describes exactly how I learn. I am a mixture of a lot of learning styles, this may be true for everyone. Although there are some that I still believe are better suited to my way of learning, such as the constructivism approach. This has remained the same from the beginning of the class. Although learning of other theories more in depth, these two still seem to gear more towards the process in which I learn. Although they are not complete to how I learn, they have many of the characteristics that are portrayed within me. I have always created a more lasting learning experience when I am taught in a way that is situational. I need to be provided with a real life situation along with the objective to my learning. In week one of the class I stated "I can memorize facts and number but that only stays with me for so long before I forget it. However, if I am able to apply what I am learning to a situation and create a real world context, it creates a different kind of impression on me. I would much rather, if possible, have a hands on interaction with what I am learning about. If this is not possible, even discussing or making a relation in my head creates a more lasting understanding of what I am learning." (Romanowski, 2014) I do not believe that my idea on the process in which I learn has changed, however I was provided with more information on the different theories and how others learn. This is important as an instructional design to better help my students. 

Learning about technology and the role it has in my learning has created a different outlook on the different opportunities I am provided with. Although the process of my learning remains the same, the new ways and experiences I am given in order to learn or find information has been altered. I did not always have the internet, mobile devices, or other technology to support my learning as I do now. Taking a closer look at my learning, I have realized the extent that I have broadened my learning horizon through technology. 

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