Monday, April 28, 2014

Final Reflection

At the beginning of this course I was familiar with different learning styles from previous classes in my life. However, this course made me take a closer look d at how those learning styles will accompany my work as an instructional designer. I was then forced to evaluate my own learning style which made me realize the positive effect it has on my learning. Knowing how I learn allows me to incorporate and enable my learning to my best abilities. This will also be the case when I am working with others. To understand how others work and what strategies better help
them learn I will be able to provide them with a modified and tailored instruction to benefit them.
Thinking about different learning theories, styles, and processes, it is important to understand that everyone has a unique learning style in some way however the process is relatively the same. Therefore, although we have our own styles of learning, rather it be memorizing, relating topics to real life situations, etc., the process in which we actually learn is relatively similar. Incorporating technology into learning creates a diverse learning experience for many. Realizing that I partake in an online learning environment I can say that the experience is different than face to face but still very rewarding. Through my experiences and observances I have also noticed an increase in motivation to learn when using technology.

My future career in instructional design will incorporate many of these ideas as I am creating learning programs for a group of people. I can use these theories and different learning styles and adjust my instruction based on them. In order to do this, I would first have to get to know my fellow students and understand what would best help and benefit them to be successful. This will too insure my success in instruction. 

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